Wolfsspitze v. d. Schloßberger Wölfen




I, Kerstin Deinböck together with my Keeshond/ Wolfsspitz General Custer, BaoBao, Ashanti, Ayla, Nikita, Dascha, Unica and Fino on my homepage! Here you find out a lot about our dogs, kennels, scenery and some more.

This old race was bred originally as a house dog and watchdog. A Keeshond are descendants of the stone-temporal peat dog and the oldest dog race of Central Europe. Numerous other races have arisen from them. (More about that under info and tip) to the extent of utilisation of my dogs, i use them as train dogs before my scooter (winter: Sledges). Keeshond are suited by her cleverness and perseverance also ideally for Agility, Dogdancing and other sports.


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